USDA Livestock in Texas Reports

Premier Black Angus Producers

In 1978, Mike and Barbara Domel began farming commercially in Williamson County. In 1984, they purchased Meridian Livestock Commission in Bosque County and subsequently moved the commercial farming operation to Bosque County. The Domels are a four generation farming and ranching family who launched their registered Angus cattle  operation, Double Creek Farms in 1993. Double Creek Farms focuses on raising the best quality genetics, and as a result, produces excellent seed stock for commercial cattlemen. The farm grows the majority of its own feed on property at Double Creek Farms. All of the Angus cattle are raised on grass and finished on grain. Today, Double Creek Farms is led by the Domel’s son Matthew, and sells over 250 top-quality Angus bulls per year. In addition to the seed stock, Double Creek Farms sells Angus beef by the whole, half and quarters.