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Sale Every Tuesday Start:  at 12:30 p.m.  

                                                            We are receiving cattle  Sun, Mon and Tues. 

Stocker steers and feeder steers were steady. Stocker heifers and feeder heifers were steady.  Slaughter cows were $2 higher and packer bulls were steady. Pairs and bred cows are active on very limited supply.

 Upcoming sales:

Tues. Dec 16th Meridian Livestock Year End Replacement sale.

2     Registered Angus bulls, low birth weight, 15-16 mos.
6      Charolais Bulls coming 2 year olds, from Griswold Farms
100 Brangus hfs off Cavender Ranches, 6-8 mos. bred to LBW Angus bulls, Should be a few calves by sale.   Heifers weigh 1100-1200 lbs. These are FANCY!
30 Plus Northern Angus pairs, 3-5 year olds with good Angus  calves at side. Held open, perfect for recips.
8 Registered Angus heifers, papers furnished, ready for bulls.
10 Angus 1st calf pair with 2 month old calves at side out of BP Special Focus 504, mates to fancy hfs we sold last year.
8 Angus pair and heavy breds, mates to above. These are bred to LBW Simmental bulls.
5  Angus 1st calf pair with Charolais and Angus cross calves.
50 Registered Angus cows from Richardson-McClung
      11 Pair with August – Sept calves at side.
      39 Bred cows- many AI bred, to calve Feb to April, most 2-6  year olds.      Papers will be furnished.
7 Angus cows(1 bmf) med to long bred to Registered Angus.
30 Brangus heifers, touch of ear, long bred to Angus bulls.
20 Brangus hfs (2 bmf) long bred to Brangus bulls, Big & Nice   With a few calves on ground by sale.
50 Angus hfs long bred to LBW Angus bulls, CED +10 or more.
30 Open Black Angus hfs (2 reds) 900lbs plus, ready for bulls.
30 Mixed cows, 5-6 years, long bred to Angus, CALF RAISERS!
30 Brangus cows and pairs, 6-8 years old, bred to Reg Angus.
5 Angus 1st calf pairs
10 Angus hfs, 5(15 months), 5(9 months), pure bred Angus.
2 Hereford pair, 6 years old with Red Angus calves
2 Half blood Brahman pair, brown in color, 4-5 years old, Angus calves, Bred back to Angus or Charolais. GENTLE &  NICE
10 open Angus hfs with a touch of ear, all shots, ready for bulls.
10 F1 hfs- Reg Angus bulls x Brangus cows, 850lbs, all born Oct, 2013- sired by Stanford Sisters Angus bulls, all shots, ready for  bulls. A real front pasture set!
25 Pair and bred cows, mostly black, 2-5 years old. Bred to Angus, should have 12 calves on ground by sale day.
10 Black bred heifers, 2-3 months bred to LBW Angus bulls
10 Angus 1st calf pair with Angus or Simi Angus calves, out pure bred cows, no papers.
9 Hereford pair and heavy breds. Calves out of V-8 Hudgins gray Brahman bulls. 6 calves on ground now more by sale day, 3-5 year olds.

If you have replacement heifers or cows you want to consign – call Mike 254 749-2240.






WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS! For market information call Mike or Matthew.

We also have a nice selection of Angus bulls for sale private treaty. Call Matthew 254 749-3253.

Watch our sale live on the internet every week on
  Meridian Livestock is open to receive your cattle on Sun from 1pm till 6pm, Mon from 8am till 9pm and all day Tuesday starting at 7am.     Please call if you need to bring your cattle at a different time.

ANGUS BULLS FOR SALE!   call Matthew Domel 254 749-3253


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32X6'8" black , escape door, rubber cleated floor and rubber torsion axles

32X6'8" white , escape door, movable gate 4' to 8'and rubber torsion axles

USED 32X6'8" black with tarp top

28 X 6'8"  Gray with White Tarp top, rubber cleated floor and 7k rubber torsion axles  

28 x 6'8" Black with gray tarp 7k rubber torsion axles, rubber cleated floor and full escape door

      24 X 6'8" Black with Gray Tarp Top, full Escape Door and Rubber Cleated Floor

16' Bumper Pull Roper Special - Red with escape door and metal top the first 8ft.

24 ' carry all equipment trailer

    Most in stock trailers are equipped with Holland Jacks, 1X3 square tubing sides, & totally screwed down floors


 CALL the Office 254 435-2988 or MIKE'S CELL 254 -749-2240 








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